Growing great vegetables isn't a mystery. All you need to know are the basics. And no matter whether you garden because you enjoy working outdoors or because you gain satifaction from growing your own food, following the fundamentals will reap you a harvest of delicious, fresh vegetables from early in the season until well past the first frost in fall.

Most important of all to successful vegetable gardening is finding a sunny spot. Select a site that receives at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight a day. The more light, the better.

Low-lying areas are a bad choice because they drain poorly. Their soggy soil can cause root rot, which kills plants.In addition, low areas collect cold air in spring and fall and are the first to frost over, killing many plants that would have survived on hight ground. If your site has extremely rocky or hard soil, consider a raised-bed garden or one of our container gardens.

Depending on the season, we have all popular vegetable varaties that grow well in our area of East Texas. We also post them, as soon as they are available, on our "Seasonal New Arrivals" link. Texas A&M Agrelife Extension, in Rusk, has a comprehensive list of recommended vegetables variaties for Cherokee County available here.

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