Pottery, Planters & Urns

Pottery vases and garden pottery add a touch of real sophistication to any garden or outdoor setting. Fill assorted pots, planters and vases with interesting plants, flowers or decorations to create an earthy ambience or leave them empty for a unique visual accent.

Consider patio planters that complement your outdoor decking or flooring in color and style. These planters come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to balance the look of your existing furniture and water features. Use shallow wok planters for ferns and flowers with small root systems. Taller decorative planters offer a more dramatic statement for larger plants and bushes with deep root systems.

Container gardening is one of the hottest trends today and to enjoy that hobby you must have some wonderful planters. 

Visit Joe Smith Farms Garden Center today to see the current assortment of indoor and outdoor pottery.

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