Container Gardens

The hottest trend in gardening today is growing plants, and combinations of plants including vegetables - in containers.  Almost any plant can be grown in a container as long as it is large enough to support the plant materials.  The most popular container gardens are a mix of annual flowers that work well under the same types of conditions.  It is always a good idea to incorporate some foliage, flowering, and trailing plants into your design and remember to fertilize the plants regularly as annual flowers are heavy feeders.

When planting a container garden drill holes in the bottom so they can drain and get air to the roots of the plants which is very important. When we do our "Garden of Hope" tubes (for local nursing homes) we use 8ft. cattle troughs that contain five bales of broken up Pro-Mix. Then it is ready to plant.

Watch for your sun and shade areas where you will place them. Vetables in containers like at least a half day in sun especially in summer months . The winter months will need  all day sun because the days are shorter.  Use your imagination - old bath tubs are a ideal or old wash tubs have a unique container.

At Joe Smith's we now offer a Big Bag fiber raised bed that you just up the fiber pot and you have a raised  bed ready to go with out a lot of labor involed then just add your plants. We also have the Mr. Stacky pot's that can grow container garden's. Just remember they have to be fertilizer weekly for them to health and to grow. If you have any questions about container gardens just let us know.

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